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The Things We Left Behind

Published in Plentitude Magazine (2023)

"The narrator's voice perfectly captures the inner world of the sisters and the realities and fantasies they exist within. The way I, as a reader, was invited in almost as another sister to view their pain and joy and how they continuously lift each other up made for an incredible read."

                    - L'Amour Lisik

                      Associate Prose Editor, Plenitude Magazine

We all loved the lilacs, but it was Alice who cherished them the most. When we visited her in the hospital after she had her first breakdown, the year she gave up on getting her degree in botany, Robin brought her armfuls of pink and lavender carnations, giant bouquets of them spilling out of her embrace. It hurt our eyes to look at Alice, the way her long blonde hair lay flat and greasy around her pale face, like the dirty straw at the bottom of a hamster cage, but it hurt just as much to look at the cheerful blossoms.


Read the full story here

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