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The Nap-Away Motel

Published by Palimpsest Press (2019)
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In the heart of Scarborough sits the Nap-Away Motel, a hunched building providing hidden worlds for its occupants. Within its derelict walls, Suleiman longs to rebuild his broken family, Tiffany creates a fantasy world to escape from her mother's neglect and Ori plans a search for their run-away twin brother. While they grapple with the challenges of mental health, addiction, and grief, the three dwellers manage to forge a friendship over a litter of stray kittens. Together, they find joy in ruin, and hope when everything seems lost.

"...tender, gritty and affecting. I absolutely fell in love with each of the main characters."

- Marnie Woodrow
author, Heyday 
"Insightful and, at times, harrowing, The Nap-Away Motel is a resounding piece of fiction."

- Tofu Reader

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