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Turtle Dreams

Published in Event 52/1 Spring 2023
sea turtle.jpg

“…loved its dark, oblique, otherworldly quality.”

                                                       -Shashi Bhat

                                                        Editor, EVENT Magazine


At the shoreline an enormous sea turtle emerges from the water. She can’t swim anymore; all that liquid grace of hers is pulled back into the ocean as the water swirls away and she starts moving towards me, reaching and pulling herself up the beach with gigantic flippers that paddle through the sand like oars, rowing her forward. She’s a leatherback turtle, with tiny white splotches over her black shell, knobby ridges running the length of her carapace, a wrinkled neck and a huge melon head, piggish eyes, dark and hooded, and tears, streaming down her cheeks, thick mucus strands of them.

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